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Sounds across the South-East - Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex
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Sounds across the South-East - Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex

The all-new talent hub for the South-East

Big WOW Live focuses solely on live music across the south-east counties, helping to connect local artists and great venues that are scattered in abundance across the length and breadth of our beautiful little part of the world.

Co-developed and led by Tarot Rats frontman Tim Hill, Big WOW Live is the realisation of a dream that there should be one easy-to-use, dedicated live music platform on which artists can promote to a more targeted local audience, rather than floating out in the sea of global social media, occasionally bobbing their heads above water in the hope they get noticed.

Similarly whatever the size of your venue, festival, music club, private function or open mic night, this platform will also help these reach out to local talent that might be undiscovered. It’s a useful tool to help fill those performance slots at whatever notice you are given, whether it be a major summer festival a year in the making or a last minute emergency fill-in.


The ethos of Big WOW Live very much follows on from our main vision, it is a celebration of everything local. In an already heavily saturated industry, experience has taught us the importance of getting a hold on a local fanbase is more important than ever, with the powers of media sharing ‘the new favourite band’ seemingly just a click away, a new sound can travel very quickly. The Big WOW Live platform plays to this strength, with events uploaded by the band and/or venue sharable across all formats with ease, just like you will have seen on the main Big WOW site. Let’s keep the hashtag #localsupportslocal going!

All thriller, no filler. We just want your voice to be heard.

We expect mostly 3 kinds of users to visit Big WOW Live. People looking to find some live music, artists wanting to perform live music, and venues needing live music. Whichever of these you are- we’ve designed the platform to be a simple, pure user experience, where you can search acts by your specific criteria or taste, and events themselves by type. Or if you prefer, just browse A-Z randomly, discovering superb south-east talent via the embedded Soundcloud & YouTube players. That is to say, each registered band will have their own ‘microsite’ page that is totally dedicated to them, their band members, and what they work so hard to do. No ‘wall’ filled with opinions and emojis, no ads for teeth whitening, no narcissistic counting of ‘likes’. Every artist and every venue are equal on Big WOW Live, we just want your voice to be heard, and to get booked with ease via one click of a button.

What’s the story, morning glory?

In addition to its functionality, Big WOW Live will also serve as a South East music blog & news hub with reviews, industry insights and interviews as Tim journeys through the live music scene. With over 10 years of experience in the industry and still very much actively gigging himself, you can be sure to enjoy reading some candid, fly-on-the-wall pieces!

Band Of The Day (BOTD)

You may have already seen a few of these pop up on our socials. These random daily awards will continue as we discover new acts for ourselves. The choice is sometimes almost overwhelming, so always worth pointing our heads in your direction for this, show us what you got! Or maybe your mate is in an awesome band? Winners will get a dedicated push on our socials, a feature on our blog & a free top-tier event listing on the site worth £99.

Register, upload & share

If you’re an artist, it’s totally free to register and will only be a step in the right direction to getting more exposure- go for it! (Click here to register)

Uploading events to promote on the site follows the same principal as the main site, with 4 tiers of packages available to chose from for a one-off payment. (Click here to list event)

Whichever side of the stage you’re on, if you enjoy seeing the results the platform gives, and want to upload multiple events to keep you going through the year, give us a call and we can explore a possible cluster-package deal for you.


What is this? What does it mean? Well, we’ll be revealing all later in 2019, but for now, we can tell you that since we champion talent in the South-East, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a jaw-dropping, totally unique way to celebrate and enjoy it all? Be sure to subscribe and follow bigWOW.uk wherever possible to stay tuned.

Don’t be shy!

We’re a friendly bunch at the Big WOW, and Tim will gladly chat to you in more detail about Big WOW Live and #discovertheogg should you have any queries. When his head isn’t full of music and lyrics, he can even design you a poster for your event or give you some live performance advice, if you ask nicely and register with us!

See you at a gig soon!

Email: tim.hill@bigwow.uk / HQ Tel: 01580 715772

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