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Event Description

There are over 150 species of native grasses in Britain. Learn how to identify some of the common species.
About this Event
On this course you will cover:

the basic structure of grasses and especially the inflorescence
how grasses can be distinguished from sedges and rushes
the top 30 grasses
You will learn about the key characteristics which help distinguish the different species.

Most of the morning will be spent indoors getting to grips with the basic features of the Poaceae (Grass family) and particularly those that can be used as clues to identification.

The emphasis of the course will be on identification by close examination as well as considering useful field characteristics. Simplified keys will be introduced. Plenty of guidance will be given in the use of scientific keys to identification.

We shall concentrate on those species which are common in Kent. The rest of the day will be spent in Tyland Barn Nature Park and immediate vicinity practising the process of identifying many of the common species.

Led by Ros Bennett, Botanist and ecologist

Event Details

2 Dec, 2020 -

Tyland Barn
Chatham Road Maidstone ME14 3BD Get Directions

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