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It's all about events
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How my business was born from training for my first marathon!

I have always wanted to create a business out of my passions and skills but like many people, focusing in on exactly what I wanted to do and pulling together my ‘trillions’ of ideas, was a challenge.

I am passionate about fitness and wellbeing and setting myself goals to achieve. As a developing runner I felt it was time to enter my first marathon event. After not getting in London, my first choice, I quickly entered and got excited about the Edinburgh Marathon and began my training. Hours and hours of running led to the expected physical health benefits of increased strength, aerobic endurance and loss of body fat – but it was other mental and emotional benefits and total ‘awakening’ of my entrepreneurial mindset that came as an unexpected but euphoric surprise!

Running great distances for hours can lead to a meditative state, where the ‘noise’ in your mind quietens and other parts of your brain, that do not often get the chance to awaken – can come alive!

I found ideas sparking in my mind – literally, all the time that I was running, but it was the ideas connecting and fusing with each other to create a vision so strong that I eventually knew my calling, that was a truly empowering and exhilarating experience.

And so Wonder Women Network was born. A business focused on empowering others to find their strongest, healthiest selves, in order to drive their businesses to reach their full potential.

Wonder Women Network is about providing unique events to connect female entrepreneurs to build a supportive, empowering community; promoting these women and their services and products to the visiting public AND nurturing everyone’s wellbeing. Wonder Women Network focuses on the human element of business, encouraging real connection in an increasing digital and virtual world. I want others to feel the mental and physical strength I gain from exercise and making my wellbeing a priority – not a luxury. I also want female entrepreneurs who often work alone, in isolation, to benefit from the energy and positivity that comes from connecting with others.

Success for me is helping other women succeed with their businesses and defining their own terms of success and joy.

I am finding true fulfilment in creating a community and range of events to enable people to connect with others AND themselves.

Please visit my website to find out about our ‘Flag Ship Networking Events’ and ‘Wonder Women Network Workout Fitness Festivals’.

Come along to our first unique FREE community Event in November.


Written and submitted by Liz Goodfellow – Wonder Women Network

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