It's all about events
across the Weald and South East
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It's all about events
across the Weald and South East

The Big WOW is for everyone, all ages, locals and visitors. WOW stands for What’s On Where and all events displayed are instantly accessible to all those that visit the website or pick up our print edition. It is the only multi-media channel dedicated to promoting Weald based events on-line, in print, by electronic mail and hyperlocal geo-personalised mobile marketing.

Discover What’s On Where your way!

Our enthusiastic team is committed to supporting all things local and giving the public the ability to access all event information via mechanisms that suit them, without for example, feeling obliged to join a social network. For those that enjoy the look and feel of a traditional publication a colourful print magazine is on its way (late summer 2018). For others that utilise email to receive communications that are relevant to them they can subscribe to The Big WOW newsletter and in a few months’ time receive the electronic version of the magazine too. Alternatively they can just jump onto the website using any device to check out the latest events.

Then of course there are those that are tech savvy and harness social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the know, so we keep our feeds fresh for them @thebigwowevents . On mobile we also offer all SMS text messaging and WhatsApp users that visit the site the ability to share what’s on where straight from each pop-up on the map or event page through their phone. Our aim has been to offer, both locals and visitors to the region, a multi-media experience so they can chose whether to use one, some or all of the options available.

Where local can support local

For event organisers our objective has been to develop a powerful interactive media experience that enables events of all types and sizes to be able to participate and effectively promote their events on a viable basis, because our team is dedicated to helping enterprise grow and thrive. With prices starting at just £20.00 on-line and £12.50 for the e-zine and print editions and offering 50% off for charities and good causes, we believe we have achieved this.

A family business at the heart of the Weald

We are an independent family business, passionate about the rural region of the Weald and helping local organisations and the events they hold succeed. We have more than three decades experience in publishing, media and advertising.

Unique collaboration of media experts

Team Big WOW comprises business, marketing, digital and design specialists with more than 30 years experience working across local, regional, national and international enterprise development. They share an enthusiasm for supporting good causes, organisations and businesses that bring people together by hosting events.

The team is led by two qualified advisors who live in Cranbrook. All members of the team live in the Weald and are deeply committed to promoting all things local across the rural region of West Kent, South Surrey, East Hampshire, Central and East Sussex; and supporting enterprise regardless of its size and nature.

Born out of market research

We originally conducted a market research project called to assess what the public, local organisations and businesses needed most. The answer was a mechanism for people to find out all that is happening across the Weald and a way for those holding events to be able to promote them on a viable basis. was launched in 2016 and ran for 18 months. We would like to thank all those that communicated with us during this time, as it helped us to understand how best to develop Big WOW. has now replaced

Are you hosting an event you would like to promote?

To discover all of the advertising options we offer click HERE to request our media kit. To post your event to the Big WOW website including our map, click HERE to create your account and upload your event page.