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Event Description

Christmas is around the corner and we are building up to a magical few weeks at Sky Park Farm.

Festivities will start on 3rd December as we light our Christmas tree and bring our communities together to sing carols. We have had a quiet word with Father Christmas and he has promised he will be here to take children on a magical sleigh ride. We understand that Rudolph will be resting in advance of his marathon Christmas eve journey around the world. But, his cousins, our herds of red, sika and white deer, will add to the Christmas magic. Did you know that both deer and reindeer are hoofed mammals that belong to the family Cervidae. Reindeer is the second biggest species of deer. In most deer species, only the male deer bear antlers. However, in reindeer, both male and female deer bear antlers. Throughout the evening, our GRAZING ROOMS team will be keeping us warm with festive treats.

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3 Dec, 2021 -


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