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Event Description

Our Family Dog workshops are specially designed to provide parents/carers of children with autism with the advice and long-term support needed for choosing and training a pet dog to benefit the whole family.

The workshops are for parents/carers of a child aged between 3 - 16 years old with a clinical diganosis of autism.

They are a series of 3 one day workshops, each starts at approximately 10.15am and aims to finish at 3pm.

Workshop 1 - Tuesday 17 November 2020

Workshop 2 - Wednesday 18 November 2020

Workshop 3 - Thursday 19 November 2020

Workshop 1

About the Family Dog Service
What to expect from your dog
How to get your children involved in looking after a dog
Developing the child-dog bond
Selecting the right dog
Workshop 2

How dogs communicate with us
How a dog can help your family
How dogs learn
Problem solving
Workshop 3

Setting up a training session
Different training styles
Advanced training
Goal setting

Event Details

17 Nov, 2020 - 19 Nov, 2020


Piddinghoe Village Hall
4 Cedarwell Close Newhaven BN9 9AP Get Directions

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