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It's all about events
across the Weald and South East

Event Description

The ultimate fully immersive and taste bud tingling foraging course out there. Woodlands, hedgerows, seashores all experienced anew!

We forage in and around woodland, field, hedgerow, riverside, salt marsh, and by the sea, for the best wild ingredients the season has to offer.

Utilising our natural capacity to sensually engage with the world, we hone our sense of sight, touch, and taste to safely identify and gather wild plants, seaweeds and fungi, ever mindful of best sustainable harvesting practices, as well as potential unseen hazards.

Lunch and dinner are both delicious 3-course wild food events, the first inside, and the second on the beach over 3 open fires. Throughout the day a wealth of unique wild food preparations including biscuits, candied items, pickles, drinks, and cocktail ingredients will be shared, including detailed instructions on how to prepare them.
The course is suitable for those new to foraging and wild food as well as those with years of experience.

This fully immersive and practical hands-on course will stimulate a new and rich awareness of wild food possibilities, and a deepened appreciation of habits and place.

This full day, at 12-13 hrs in length really is full, and yet so diverse and engaging that the time will seem to rush by.

Event Details

4 Jul, 2020 -


9am - 10pm

Preston Lane
Faversham ME13 8LF Get Directions

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