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Event Description

Greek Night at The Vine

Indulge yourselves in the flavour of the Mediterranean with our resident Chef who originates from the Greek mainland near Athens.

3 delicious courses: meze starters, main and a selection of desserts; and to help you to get into the spirit of the evening a glass of ouzo to toast - 'yamas' (cheers in Greek).


MEZE - a little bit of a variety of things!

Tzatziki - traditional yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip

Spicy feta - grilled spicy feta cheese, peppers and tomato

Cabbage Dolma - stuffed cabbage leaves, minced pork, rice and herbs

Octopus Kresato - octopus cooked in red wine

Spetzofai - sausage, peppers and tomato

Spinach pie - puff pastry, spinach, feta cheese and herbs

Prawns Saganaki - spicy prawns cooked in tomato sauce, herbs and cheese '

MAINS - please choose one

Lamb Exohiko - slowly cooked lamb, garlic and red peppers wrapped in filo pastry, roast potatoes and vegetables

Rabbit Stifado - rabbit cooked red wine, tomato sauce, mashed potato and button onions

Mousaka - Greek traditional mousaka (vegetarian options available) with a small salad

Cod a la Spetziota - oven roasted cod fillets, white wine, olives and capers

Beef a la Hasapa - slowly cooked beef, tomato, peppers and grated cheese with skinny fries

DESSERT - a bit of each

Baklava - mouthwatering layers of filo pastry and crushed nuts in cinnamon infused syrup

Karidopita - succulent walnut cake with vanilla ice cream

Milopita - apple pie in syrup with vanilla ice cream

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6.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

£35.00 per person, see event description

Ages Suitable For
All ages

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