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Event Description

Now in it's 3rd year..... the tour that brings you amazing LIGHTS, CHRISTMAS, and LOVE!

Combining one of the (arguably) BEST Christmas films set in London with the magic lights of the season, this walking tour is all about Love, Actually!!!

Take a stroll through the town, stopping at film locations along the way while enjoying some of the best lights that London has to offer. We will see at least 9 displays! Bring your cameras!!!

If it's cold, grab a latte or mulled wine! Book this walk with someone you love, so you can snuggle along the way!

We will visit some of the locations that are used in the film, and you'll be shown where the others (not on the walk) are located too!

As of July --- I do not know what will happen in December regarding Christmas lights. My hope is that our world will heal and we will be able to enjoy the magic of London and the holiday decorations that make this city perfect for a night time tour in winter. While I am optimistic, I am also cautious that this tour might not happen. I am setting dates and making plans, but will be able to cancel and refund if/when that is necessary. --A x

COVID-19 Guidelines

In order to safely conduct this tour for myself and my clients, I ask that all government recommended guidelines be complied with. I will be wearing a mask and would request that clients also comply to cover mouth and nose. I will use hand sanitiser before and after the tour, and recommend that clients bring their own sanitiser. Additionally, I recommend arriving a few minutes early to go to the restroom and wash your hands if you travel via the underground. Please wear a mask while on the underground. During the tour, we will maintain a safe distance of 1m apart. In the event that you are not well on the day, please do not attend the tour. If the guide is unwell, you will be informed the morning of the tour and full refunds will be administered. It is essential that we all look after each other and keep safe during this time. Phone number must be provided at time of booking for communication options related to your tour only.

Event Details

21 Nov, 2020 - 20 Dec, 2020


From 5pm


Theme / Occasion

Green Park Station
Stratton Street London W1J 9DZ Get Directions

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