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All are welcome to an Open Art Viewing on
Saturday 7th December from 3pm – 6pm

A shared Christmas exhibition of incredible talent. Artists include: Max White, Karl Terry, Jane Gray, Les Williams, Vincent Matthews, Trisha Wood, Nick O’Neill and featuring NB Gurung

‘En plein air’ simply means outside, but in artistic terms it has a more specific and eloquent meaning. ‘Plein air’ painting is the act of painting outside. But more. It is a state of mood and emotion. Plein air pictures are not just images of the outside, they are images ‘as part of the outside’.

Although the technique has been around for centuries, it particularly came into fashion with the Impressionists. Their swift and deftness of touch, that immediacy and vibrant use of colour. Bold, raw and in your face!

This exhibition focuses on six artists: Karl Terry, Les Williams and Vincent Matthews are all artists who respond to the urgency of painting edgy pictures ‘en plein air’. Also Max White who completes his scenes in studio, and Tricia Wood who only paints using the edge of a credit card (a literal edge) to create her London Skyscapes – Edgy, avant garde art, en plein air – ‘Outside Edge’.

However, it is rare now to see artists outside bracing the elements, getting in touch with nature. Karl Terry, an expert in this genre, is a prevalent Kentish artist who has exhibited in London and the USA. Also the Royal Academy. His scenes, oil on board, capture the Weald and Kentish coast in its raw simple forms.

The new Christmas exhibition currently showing in Grierson Galleries in the Hive is only the third in this brand new and unique venue. All artists are masters of their medium: oil, acrylic pen & ink, water colour, mixed media or linocut and all are linked by their vibrant use of colour, mood and impression.

Also exhibiting is Max White is an extremely talented young artist who already has a remarkable following. A student of Sevenoaks School who has now completed his Bachelor’s Degree in architecture this year. His expansive scenes of London have become very collectable, and at only 21 he had a picture placed in the prestigious ‘Article 25’ Charity 10x10 Auction, the fundraising charity for the Royal Institute of British Architects in November 2019.

Included are White’s evocative and imposing scenes of often rain-soaked London, across to Jane Gray’s vibrant abstract scenes using bold colour and loose strokes to create an imagined scene, and Les Williams, the President of the Society of Graphic Arts pen and watercolour wash capturing en plein air historic urban change.

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7 Dec, 2019 - 7 Dec, 2019



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