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East London folk band Stick In The Wheel, headed by singer Nicola Kearey and guitarist/producer Ian Carter, have gained four BBC Folk Award nominations since their inception in 2013. Known for Nicola’s fierce, working-class delivery, this is culturally and politically switched on music, with the group being widely commended for their timely appraisal of English Folk and their skill in telling stories through song that reconnect modern audiences to the past - drawing unexpected parallels between then and now.

Their debut “From Here”(2015) was fRoots magazine Album Of The Year and a Mojo Folk Album of the Year, and their second album 'Follow Them True' (2018) was described by Folk Radio as “undoubtedly a brilliant album which will gain great acclaim, but it’s more than just an album for 2018, this is something to treasure for many years to come.” The band’s songs examine rituals and cycles, our inherent power to change ourselves and the world around us, the past repeating itself, ghosts and death, land and place, thieves and beggars. It continues to question the notion of what folk music is, and what it means.

Nicola and Ian are currently engaged in writing fresh material for a new album later this year. In customary fashion, they will expand the radical sound of their previous albums to create a greater depth full of layers and meaning, yet at the same time remaining totally connected with the tradition.
And unmistakeably still Stick In The Wheel!

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4 Oct, 2019 - 4 Oct, 2019


Bar opens at 6.30 pm, doors at 7.00 pm

Tickets £12.00

St Edith Hall
High Street, Kemsing SEVENOAKS Kent TN15 6NA Get Directions

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